von Morosso

von Morosso Dobermann



2011- "B" (Idane di Altobello - Steel Dragon Sandy

Bambou - VWD cler, cardio testé free par echo, HD-free, yeaux indemnes

A” (Steel Dragon Reno – Afton von Gruosi)

Amora (Chypre) – Champion of Cyprus, Champion of San Marino, Champion of Taiwan, Champion of Azerbaijan, Champion of Georgia, Caucasian Champion,6 x C.A.C., 3 x B.O.B., 1 x B.O.G., 2nd Best in Show 2014, BH, Cardio-free HD-B (Netherlands)


Alita (Suede) – Best Baby, BABY BEST IN SHOW, Best Puppy, 3x Youth winner, 2xBest Junior, 6xCAC, Hungaria Junior Champion, vWD clear, DCM negative (USA), cardio free, HD-free, PHTVL/PHPV free, RD free, CEA free, Katarakta free

· Alizée (Espagne) – 4xBest Puppy, 2xPUPPY BEST IN SHOW, 2x Youth winner, BOB, BIS, 2x R.CAC

2010 – „Z” (Steel Dragon Reno – Steel Dragon Sandy)

· Zora (Hongrie) - Puppy Yearwinner Hungary

· Zidane (Serbie) – Vice Baby Clubwinner Bulgaria

· Zanna (Serbie) – many times Very Promising 1-2 in Baby class

· Zilia (Hongrie) – Best Baby, 3xCAC, CACIB, 2xBOB, HD-free, cardio testé free par echo, vWD clear, yeux indemnes

2009 – „U” (Idane di Altobello – Nataly von Morosso)

· Unita (Hongrie) – Best Puppy, 2xHPJ, 2xBest Junior, 8xCAC, 3xR.CAC, 5xBOB, Res.BOG, BOG, BOG 3, RES BIS, Hungaria Junior Champion, Hungaria Champion, Hungaria Grand Champion, Hungaria Show Champion, IDC Bratislava 2010 Vg in best 20 youth female from 50 females), BH, ADpr, IPO1, ZTP

· Uther (Hongrie) – 2xHPJ, 3xCAC, Hungaria Junior Champion, HD-free, Cardio free, PHTVL/PHPV free, RD free, CEA free, Katarakta free, BH, ADpr

2009 „V” (Esprito Val di Taro – Steel Dragon Queeny)

· Vinita-Tani (Hongrie) – BH, BH competition 4th place, breeding test, IPO 1, ZTP, HD-free, Cardio-free, PHTVL/PHPV free, RD free, CEA free, Katarakta free

· Vino (Hongrie) – Best Puppy, Puppy BIS 5th place

· Viera (Hongrie) – VP at IDC 2009

· Vibuthi (Hongrie) – VP at IDC 2009

· Vutan (Hongrie)– VP at HDK Clubshow

2007 „S” (Tahi-réme Sandokan – Miracle von Morosso) under kennelname Steel Dragon

· Sandy (Hongrie) - 3xCAC, R.CAC, Puppy Clubwinner DKSR Slovakia, Puppy Clubwinner Hungary, Vice Youth Clubwinner Slovakia, BH, breeding test, HD-2, Cardio free, vWD Clear (USA)

· Stella (Hongrie) - 4xHPJ, 3xCAC, BOB, 2008 Vice Puppy Clubwinner, Hungaria Junior Champion, BH, HD-free, PHTVL/PHPV free, RD free, CEA free, Katarakta free, Cardio free, BH competiition 2nd place

· Sunny (Hongrie) – R.CAC

· Sirius (Hongrie) – R.CAC, BH, breeding test

2007 „R” (Lassan di Satti – Kleo Lea von Morosso) under kennelname Steel Dragon

· Reno (Serbie) - 3xPRM, 12xCAC, CACIB, 10xBOB, 3xBOG, BOG 2, BOG 3, Junior BIS 2, BIS 2, BIS,

V1 open class winner Bulgarian Dobermann Club show 2010, V1 open class winner at Backa Palanka II. Special dobermann show 2010, V1, CAC in open class at HDK clubshow 2010, Candidate for International Champion, Serbian Champion, Candidate for MKSZ Hungarian Champion, Candidate for Hungarian Champion, IPO 1, HD-1

· Ramya (Hongrie) - Hungarian Baby Yearwinner 2007, Vice DKSR Special Dobermann Club winner Slovakia

· Reba (Hongrie) - Vice Hungarian Baby Yearwinner 2007

2006 „Q” (Idane di Altobello – Kleo Lea von Morosso)

· Queeny (Hongrie) - HJCh, 4xHPJ, Best Junior, BH, hungarian breeding test, ZTP V1A, IPO 1, HD-1

· Quanto (Hongrie) - HJCh, 3xHPJ, CAC, Derby winner 2007

2005 „O” ” (Idane di Altobello – Iris Empres von Morosso)

· Odessa (USA) - CAC, BH, HD-free, vWd clear, thyorid normal

2004 „N” (Cillian Connor Jahrestal – Iris Empres von Morosso)

· Nataly (Hongrie) - HPJ, 3xPRM, 2xR.CAC, 11xCAC, BOB, BOG 3, Young Champion of Serbia & Montenegro, Hungarian Show Champion, Hungarian Champion,

HD-1, hungarian breeding test, BH, IPO1, ZTP V1B

2004 „M” (Butcher by Free Half – Berenike Fortos v. Brinomeera)

· Miracle (Hongrie) - 4xCAC, 2xR.CAC, 2xBOB, HD-free

2003 – „L” (Hangar dei Sauli Grimaldi – Iris Empres von Morosso)

· Kleo Lea (Hongrie) - 2xCAC, R.CAC

· Koko Lora (Serbie) - PRM, Junior BIS

· Kugel Licht (Mexique) - 3th place in the World Dog Show 2007 in the open category (Mexico), 2 x Reserve C.A.C.M., 3 x 1th place category,

1 x B.O.S., 1 x Jr. B.O.B., Temperament test

2003 – „K” (Giannino von Morosso - Berenike Fortos v. Brinomeera)

· Kalina (Mexique) - Mexican Champion, 1xBest Young Dog, 4xRes.CACM., CACIB, 2xBOS, 10xcategory 1th place,

BOS 2006 National Dobermann Show, BOS International Show 2007, Baby Clubwinner Hungarian Dobermann Klub 2003

· Kitty (Italie) - 4th place in youth class at AIAD 2004

2002 – „J” (Giannino von Morosso - Berenike Fortos v. Brinomeera)

· Jackye (Hongrie) – CAC, R.CAC

2001 – „I” (Baron Nike Renewal – Berenike Fortos v. Brinomeera)

· Iris Empres (Hongrie) – PRM, 4xCAC, R.CAC, IDC 2002 Italy V5 in youth class, HD-1

2000 – „H” (Come As You Are Agor – Loytron Jeni)

· Hector (Finlande) – BOS Puppy, CAC, R.CAC, HD-1, CAH-normal, cardio free, HD-1, PHTVL/PHPV free

1999 – „G” (Baron Nike Renewal – Loytron Jeni)

  • Giannino (Serbie) - 2xHPJ, 17xCAC, 2xR.CACIB, CACIB, 6xBOB, BOG, BOG II, 2001 Clubwinner, 2002 Clubwinner, HD-free, IDC 2000 Luxemburg V3, IDC 2002 Italy V2

  • Grayce (Hongrie) - HJCH, YuJCH, 4xHPJ, 3xPRM, 10xCAC, BOB, Res.BIS, HD-free